Roadmap 2019 – The next Crypto Tools

Roadmap 2019

Thanks for your interest in CryptoMonitor Roadmap 2019 !
Roadmap 2019 – The next Crypto Tools

The 3.1 version of the bot is out!
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Completed in V 3.1 | 02.12.2018
– Minor upgrades
– Data collection upgraded – More sources
– More currencies added : Total 152, Top100 updated

Completed in V 3.0
– Wallet asset management, useful tool to check your wallet performance
– MultiConverter Tool, the most powerful Crypto price converter
– Advanced stats about the Bot
– Unlimited alerts per currency
– BTC Target price alerts in USD

Completed in V 2.1
– CoinMarketCap data source for market prices
– Get any currency price by sending /BTC / ETH /XVG /LTC etc.
– Top 50 currencies added
– New commands:
/trendings ➡️ Get trendings statistics with a chart 💹
/trendnotifications – Activate / Disable trendings notifications 🔔
/uplist – Show currencies going up 🚀
/downlist – Show currencies going down 🔻
/equallist – Show stable currencies 🔸
/currencies ➡️ Show all supported currencies
/marketcap ➡️ Instantly get the Total Market Capitalization (in Billion USD)
/unconfirmed ➡️ Instantly get the number of Unconfirmed Bitcoin Transaction (live)
/txfees ➡️ Show Bitcoin recommended Transaction Fees (live)
/XXX instant price request /BTC /ETH etc.
Inline commands

Completed in V 2.0:
– Target alerts
– More currencies
– Website and tutorials

Upcoming next:
– Target alerts for Unconfirmed transaction number
– Notification when a specific transaction is confirmed
– Charts drawing from custom rates and values
– New alert type: Any currency vary from x % (min 20%)
– Custom min time interval between 2 alerts (now set 30min for everyone)
– Target alerts based on the total Market Capitalization
– Target alerts for your wallet value
– Subscription to special alerts like +20% among all currencies
– SMS & e-Mail notifications
– Premium users can automatically add a currency to the alert system if the currency is missing
– Multiple data source, choose your rate provider
– Add and edit crypto amount to get your wallet value in 1 click
– Automated Premium account with crypto payment

We’re waiting for more users before doing any further developments.

Roadmap 2018